With the amenities of an international crossroads, lower cost of doing business than peer regions, and a location in one of the most business-friendly states in the country, metro Atlanta has always been a place where opportunity can become reality. And our diverse and fast-growing workforce knows it.


By the Numbers

If you choose to make metro Atlanta your home, you’ll be in good company.


Fortune 500/1000 headquartered here


Inc. 5000 startups located here


State for doing business 10 years in a row


Moving destination in the country


Colleges and universities in the region, including four top HBCUs

The ATL Edge


We’ve got the planes, the trucks, the trains and the ports to keep your business moving forward.


With the world’s busiest airport in your backyard, you’re never more than a flight away from, well, almost anywhere.


Metro Atlanta’s built environment is one of our region’s greatest assets. It will be one of yours, too.

Fast Movers: Innovation in ATL

Check out how metro Atlanta fosters corporate and entrepreneurial innovation and see how some of our hometown heroes are riding new waves – and creating them. 

Industries on the Move 

Supply Chain & Advanced Manufacturing

With an unparalleled logistics infrastructure and robust higher ed and technology communities supporting diverse, skilled talent, you can make almost anything here and quickly get it where it needs to go. 

Creative Industries

From interactive game design to animation, digital effects and augmented entertainment software, Georgia has become the Start button for an industry experiencing explosive growth. Game on.


Home to more than 13,000 technology companies, metro Atlanta is powered in part by telecom, cyber security, fintech, digital media and a thriving mobility ecosystem. 

Life Sciences & Healthcare

From world-renowned research labs to distinguished medical centers, and global public health pillars to digital health startups, metro Atlanta has become a virtual Petri dish of science and health innovation.


Electric vehicle makers, advanced battery producers and Georgia’s growing solar scene all are plugging into metro Atlanta.

Headquarters Hub

Atlanta is home to 330+ global and North American headquarters, with more relocating every year.

Give Your Business Every Advantage 


See how Atlanta attracts and nurtures the diverse, skilled workforce of tomorrow, ready to work for you.


Our extensive higher ed community, including several of the nation’s top HBCUs, the Technical College System of Georgia, and leading engineering and life sciences programs, feeds an endless number of growing enterprises just like yours.

Tax & Benefits

There’s a reason why Georgia has been ranked the #1 state to do business in, for nine straight years. 

Atlanta Business is Big News

2024 Sine Die Legislative Update

The Georgia General Assembly wrapped up its 2024 legislative session by adjourning Sine Die on Thursday, March 28. MAC’s public policy team worked on key issues that support the chamber’s mission to unleash Atlanta’s ambition by focusing on economy, talent, and community.

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Atlanta metro area now 6th largest in the U.S.

Atlanta recently passed Washington D.C. and Philadelphia to become the nation’s sixth-largest metropolitan region according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2023 Atlanta’s 29-county region grew by 1%, reaching 6.3 million and welcoming nearly 69,000 …

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Metro Atlanta Chamber Encourages Georgians to Support Elections, Serve as Poll Workers Statewide Program Connects Citizens to Local Election Boards

Amidst the election season, MAC urges metro Atlanta businesses to convey the importance of poll worker roles.

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2024 Crossover Day Legislative Update

On Thursday, February 29, the Georgia General Assembly met for the 28th day of the 2024 legislative session, also known as “Crossover Day.” This is the final day for bills to pass out of the House or Senate in order to move forward this session. Bills that do not crossover are unlikely to become law this year. 

Below are some of the bills MAC’s Public Policy team has worked on or tracked this session and their status as of Crossover Day.

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Joint Statement: Metro Atlanta Chamber + Georgia Chamber Re: SB 180 (RFRA) 

“The Metro Atlanta Chamber and Georgia Chamber of Commerce are focused on protecting Georgia’s reputation as the No. 1 state for business by supporting policies that drive economic development and job creation while defending against …

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State of Georgia Breaks Export Records for Third Straight Year

The state currently ranks seventh in the U.S. for dollar value of trade.

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Ready to Get Moving?

When you’re ready to talk about moving your organization to metro Atlanta or expanding your existing footprint here, we’re ready to talk to you. Our Economic Development team will work with you confidentially every step of the way, collaborating closely with state, local, academic and utility partners to make sure your move or expansion makes your business boom and your people swoon.