The Nexus of Innovation

Metro regions across the nation can boast about their corporations, universities, entrepreneurs, talent pipeline and other assets. But only in metro Atlanta will you find all these assets and many more converging into one remarkable ecosystem where innovators push one another to achieve more. 

Startup Ecosystem


venture funding in 2022


Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in the country headquartered in metro Atlanta – more than any other region per capita


entrepreneurial centers

  • #1 Black entrepreneurial center (Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs)
  • #4 largest tech hub (Atlanta Tech Village)


unicorns since 2013

Corporate Innovation Ecosystem

A leading global corporate market with some of the biggest companies in the world housing innovation centers, unmatched talent and abundant resources  


corporate innovation, technology + development centers


U.S. or North American headquarters


Fortune 1000 companies headquartered


Fortune 500 companies headquartered

Creative DNA

A solidly built reputation as an influencer and leader in tech innovation and entertainment production spanning blockbuster music, film and gaming releases


digital media companies


game studios


music industry jobs


filming center in the U.S.

Leading in Talent

Atlanta’s future as a leading innovation economy is being secured with 295,000+ diverse students enrolled in the region’s colleges and universities


students enrolled


STEAM graduates annually


of the population has a bachelor’s degree or higher 


of the population is Black, Hispanic
and/or Asian 


Historically Black Colleges and Universities


and universities

Convening Innovators

Atlanta Growth Collective

Atlanta Growth Collective is an exclusive community for founders and CEOs scaling growth-stage startups across the region. Backed by the Metro Atlanta Chamber and a dynamic network of experienced founders, experts, and leaders, it is a trusted resource for those navigating the unique challenges faced in the growth and scaling stages of a business.



Introducing InnovATL2023, a convergence of independently organized events uniting the changemakers, innovators, founders, creators, and companies that call metro Atlanta home. From our unicorn startups and globally influential creative industries to our world class universities and rapidly growing list of Fortune 1000 corporate innovation hubs Atlanta is a globally recognized innovation ecosystem that truly does influence everything.   

Beginning September 26 through October 20, InnovATL2023 will highlight the impact of our unique innovation ecosystem and amplify our influence as a global nexus of innovation.

ATL Unlocked

ATL Unlocked is a partnership between MAC and the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to create access for creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs so they can thrive.  ATL Unlocked connects entrepreneurs with innovation centers and entrepreneurs across the region to increase knowledge and access.