Low Cost to Thrive

Metro Atlanta is not only one of the most affordable major metros in the country for rent, utilities, and food, but it also has amenities that many other regions simply don’t. From mountain trails to performing arts to an active downtown, we have everything to love about a city.

Diverse Places and People

With walkable city centers, quiet suburbs, and everything in between, Atlanta has a place you will want to call home.

Culture to Experience

Whether you enjoy globally recognized artists and performances, or you are loyal to smaller bands, this region provides spaces for you to enjoy both.

Housing You Can Afford

Closely aligned to the national average, a one-bedroom apartment is reasonable in price.

A Sport for Every Fan

The Atlanta region has a stadium for every sport you can think of, from football and baseball to golf and NASCAR.

Nature to Enjoy

With around 50% tree coverage in the region, we have rightfully earned the title: “City in a Forest.” Around those trees are countless parks, lakes, rivers, and trails to be able to explore.

Great Weather

With an average high of 89°F in our hottest month and 53°F in our coldest, it’s no wonder why 6 million+ people enjoy living in this region.