Metro Atlanta Is Ready

Many foreign-owned enterprises (FOEs) entering the U.S. market choose Atlanta as a cost-effective, efficient location to establish themselves. Our region attracts people from all over with its worldwide connectivity, international community, strong business climate and countless opportunities.


Relocate to Metro Atlanta

It is a challenge to decide where to go next, we want to help. Our services are offered in close collaboration with state, local, academic, and utility partners. No matter the nature of your project, our wealth of experience and diverse capabilities will help you grow your business in metro Atlanta.

International Investment

As you may know, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest in the world, with 107 million passengers fly a year, with 300,000 passengers a day. Atlanta is the hub your business needs for global growth, allowing for easy access to international as well as domestic markets.

International Trade

Thousands of foreign-owned enterprises have expanded into Georgia. From manufacturing giants to leading tech companies, Atlanta has welcomed companies from all around the world. In 2022, Atlanta hosted the Belgian Economic Mission, welcoming one of our state’s largest trading partners— 54 Belgium companies are located here.

Built For Business

Business is always thriving in Atlanta, where sectors like supply chain, smart cities, bioscience, entertainment, global commerce, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship are taking off. Many globally renowned organizations have chosen our region for their headquarters.

Site Selection Services

Custom Market Research

Tailored data and insights such as labor data, demographics, cost analysis and more.

Talent Availability & Metrics

Resources and information about metro Atlanta’s dynamic and diverse talent pool including facilitation of employer interviews.

Business Expansion and Regulation Support

We can connect businesses and their consultants to federal, state, and local business recruitment and expansion resources and business support for investment and job creation. 

Access Executive Leaders

We provide your business with a front-row seat to the top leaders in the metro Atlanta business community.

Relocation Assistance

We aid with employee relocations to Atlanta to provide resources and information about what it is like to live and work in the region. 

Education / R&D Resources

We provide connections and information regarding K-12 and higher education resources, internships, co-ops, recruiting graduates, collaborative R&D, and more.

Home Away from Home

Since the 1996 Olympics, Atlanta has had a strong international community where it’s easy for foreign-owned enterprises to fit into the market, grow and build connections. It may be hard for international companies to establish connections in other parts of the U.S., but the rich diversity of Atlanta makes our region feel like a home away from home.

Opportunities at a Lower Cost 

Atlanta has the unique combination of assets and amenities of a metropolitan city yet a cost of living and doing business of a smaller town. In 2021, our cost-of-living index was 104 and our state of Georgia was named the number one state to do business in for the ninth consecutive time by Area Development magazine.

State & County Resources

With 29 counties, it’s important to learn the difference between them and the industries that excel within each one.