Exporting is easier than you think. Metro Atlanta offers a wealth of resources for local companies looking to grow internationally. The Metro Atlanta Chamber can help you identify the appropriate resources for your company’s international growth plans and determine the right next steps. 


Busiest Airport in the World 


Global Consulates and Trade Offices 


Global Middle-Class Consumption by 2030

Certificates of Origin

The Metro Atlanta Chamber has adopted the next-generation eCert technology as our standard to process your Certificates of Origin. With eCert, Exporters and Freight Forwarders now have a seamless and streamlined electronic solution providing real value in cost savings and efficiency gains.

Atlanta Metro Export Challenge

The Atlanta Metro Export Challenge (Atlanta MEC) is a year-long program to assist metro Atlanta companies in their global business development through financial assistance and tailored mentorship. Since its implementation in 2016, the program has supported more than 130 metro Atlanta businesses with over $700,000 in grants and counseling. The continued support of our economic development partners and Atlanta’s business community makes this one of the largest economic development initiatives in the region.