Your People Belong Here

When 4 out of 5 people are here by choice, there are no newcomers – just those creating what’s next, together. Find out why the workforce of tomorrow chooses to call our region their home. 


Explore the Region

Metro Atlanta may be the bustling capital of the Southeast but look closer and you’ll find it’s a magnet for tomorrow’s workforce and a mosaic of welcoming hometowns where your people can thrive.


million people call metro Atlanta home


metro in U.S. for population growth


most livable city in the U.S. (The Economist 2022)


moving destination in the country

Only in ATL

For some, it’s the food, arts and music you can only find here. For others, it’s the diverse tapestry of people and places that comes with being an international community in the cradle of the Civil Rights movement. Whatever it is, there’s something about Atlanta that gets into your soul and makes you never want to leave.

Easy Living

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, festival fan or die-hard foodie, Atlanta has what you and your people need to feel at home.

Friendly Prices

You’d be hard pressed to find a region with better amenities at a lower cost of living. 

World’s Doorstep

The Olympics put us on the world map. The world’s busiest airport puts you on the world’s doorstep. 

Play Ball

Something for every sports fan, from the cheering throngs of NCAA College Sports, MLB, NFL, NBA, WNBA and MLS to the quiet fairways of the PGA Tour. 


ChooseATL: Bringing More Talent to Our Metro

One of our signature initiatives, ChooseATL invites qualified talent from outside our region to make their mark here in Atlanta – creating the lives, careers and impact they want to make in one of the most promising job markets in the world. 

See how we’re bringing more talent to bear for your business.