2023 Talent Supply Report

Across the nation, regions are experiencing dramatic changes in their workforce. Despite a shifting landscape, Metro Atlanta continues to grow and strengthen its talent pipelines. The 2023 Talent Supply Report examines the degrees conferred by Georgia’s education institutions and compares them to the open jobs putting those degrees to use.

Looking at the supply of graduates as well as the job demand allows us to examine the gaps between these two measures. Informed by a review of in-demand job skills and policy advances since previous reports, this 2023 edition offers recommendations and better practices for closing gaps and improving Georgia’s overall talent supply. 


Key Findings in the 2023 Report:

  • Both the supply of qualified workers and the demand for them is up in Georgia. But job demand is greater and rising in most industries.
  • Most employers hiring for entry-level jobs are looking for talent with prior work experience.
  • A coordinated, concerted effort is needed to develop a skills-based workforce with the training and certifications necessary to meet Georgia’s ever-growing job demand.

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