ATL Action for Racial Equity leverages the power of our region’s business community to advance racial equity through collective impact. This is a critical, multi-year, multi-step effort to address the pervasive effects of systemic racism in the community and workplace. We commit to carrying out targeted actions, tracking our progress, and sharing lessons learned as we strive to leverage our size and scale to make metro Atlanta a more vibrant, equitable, and inclusive region.

Diversity is a Fact

We must understand that everyone is unique and recognize our individual differences. These can be along dimensions of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, socio-economic status, age, physical ability, veteran status, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. 

Equity is a Choice

We commit to addressing and tearing down those barriers to create a safe, fair, and equitable workplace for all. At MAC, equity means everyone receives fair treatment. There is transparency to cause and effect, and everyone knows what to expect in terms of consequences and rewards. When equity exists, people have equal access to opportunities and success. 

Inclusion is an Action

An inclusive work environment is one in which all individuals are appreciated, valued, and respected for their differences. They can feel comfortable in bringing their authentic selves to work and can contribute fully to MAC’s success by feeling secure, supported, accepted, and included. 

DEI Mission 

Our mission is to grow and promote diversity and inclusion and advocate for equity in the workplace and in the metro Atlanta business community.  

DEI Strategy

The DEI strategy is our plan to help us achieve our business and people goals. It provides a shared direction and commitment for the organization so we can work together to respect and value our diverse workforce and build a more inclusive workplace. It comprises four key segments – Talent Management, Work Environment, External Image, and Sustainability and Accountability – to help guide us and be the north star for our DEI strategy, efforts, and initiatives. 

DEI Working Group

The MAC DEI Working Group serves as our internal working group focused on DEI efforts for the organization. Within the DEI Working Group we have subgroups focused on target areas and the goals of these subgroups are to help enhance the employee experience and workplace culture. 


  1. MAC Training: This group is focused on and centered around professional development, training and learning experience on DEI topics and related themes.  Our DEI Training is mandatory for all employees. 
  2. Employee Experience: This group encapsulates both the “new employee” onboarding experience and the ongoing preservation of a holistic employee experience. The goal is to ensure employees maintain a sense of inclusivity and belonging from their very first day at MAC.
  3. Courageous Conversation & media: This group provides a safe space for employees to discuss vulnerabilities that the metro ATL region and national landscape. 
  4. Heritage MonthThis group finds intentional ways to both celebrate & recognize varying identities, cultural backgrounds, religions and history to create an inclusive workplace and a sense of belonging for our staff.

Progress Over Perfection

These focus areas will be a central part in being able to achieve our current goals as well as provide direction on opportunity areas for improvement. DEI works best when woven into all we do from a company perspective. The focus areas are key elements that require a targeted effort and attention to ensure that DEI remains a priority for the organization moving forward. 

  • Education/Awareness/Training – Create a robust training structure for education and empower employees around DEI (in partnership with HR).
  • Policy/Process – Review of company policies and processes to ensure there is a diverse and inclusive lens, approach, and consideration for all employees (in partnership with HR/Legal). 
  • Employee Engagement – Engagement opportunities for employees focused on the company’s overall DEI efforts and initiatives (in partnership with DEI Working Group/HR.) 
  • Cultural/Heritage Awareness – Targeted efforts around specific cultural/heritage days/months (led by DEI Working Group). 
  • Partnerships/Sponsorships – Identify external organizations to partner with and/or sponsor to aide in achieving as well as supporting our overall DEI effort and initiatives. 
  • Marketing/Communications – Establish and implement marketing strategies to showcase MAC as a DEI employer of choice as well as have a DEI lens/voice in our messaging (in partnership with Marketing/Public Affairs).
  • ATL Action for Racial Equity (AARE) – Continue to push AARE and hold the Metro ATL Region (and ourselves) accountable to the standard we want to uphold regarding Racial Equity. 

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