Global Center of Growth

If you need the world at your doorstep, Metro Atlanta’s unmatched logistical advantages have you covered. That’s why our international business community keeps rising.


By the Numbers


of the U.S. metros are within a 2-hour flight from ATL


fastest growing port in the U.S. (Port of Savannah)


countries with consulates and trade offices here


international businesses headquartered here


fastest-growing quadrant in the U.S. is the Southeast—and Atlanta is its capital


residents, all with diverse backgrounds


metro in U.S. for population growth (2022-23)


colleges and universities 

Industries that Love Atlanta

Supply Chain & Advanced Manufacturing

Given our history as a railroad hub dating back to the 1830s, you could say we’ve always been a supply chain city, but with our deep bench of technology talent and manufacturing 4.0 infrastructure, we’ve come light years down that track. 

Creative Industries

Here you’ll find generous tax credits, hundreds of stages and industry-leading crew training programs, all in the most business-friendly U.S. state. No wonder we are the #1 location for major productions.


As one of the fastest-growing, high-tech urban centers in the nation, metro Atlanta is creating a national center for digital innovation and tech industry growth.  

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Recognized as the Center of Global Health, metro Atlanta and Georgia are powerful hubs for the rapidly growing bioscience industry.


The Atlanta region is positioned to become a leader in smart cities, Electric Vehicle and battery tech sectors. With innovation centers bringing creative solutions to energy sustainability and students graduating with a deep understanding of the possibilities unachieved, Atlanta is ready.

You’re in Good Company

Global business titans from Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz USA to Microsoft and Takeda have headquartered or expanded their business in metro Atlanta. Our diverse, skilled talent keeps business humming; our ports keep products flowing; and our airports keep employees connected to teams, family and the other cities where you do business. But the real attraction may be the welcoming culture and communities that invite your team members in.

From counties where more than 25% of the population was born outside the U.S., to a region where 4 out of 5 people have relocated from somewhere else, metro Atlanta invites you to be a part of its incredibly rich diversity. But that’s not all that sets us apart.


Resources & Data

Do you have a feeling metro Atlanta may be built for your business? We’ve put together all the data you need for you and your fellow decision makers to understand why so many companies have chosen Atlanta and help your team understand why so many people choose to move here.