Where Talent Converges To The New Economy

We are a region that is built for business.

A place where everyone — from ambitious entrepreneurs to unicorn startups to corporate luminaries — can unite around shared goals and unleash their ambition.  

And through unprecedented events and economic uncertainty, our business community has worked together to buck every trend.

We are a region brimming with opportunity,

home to the workforce of tomorrow. 

As we ready our region to meet the demands of the new economy, our mission is clear: To show the next generation of inventors and innovators, artists and entrepreneurs, gamechangers and history makers — that metro Atlanta is where you belong.

Metro Atlanta’s talent is on the rise:


76% of young professionals believe Atlanta is the business hub of the South


75% of graduating young professionals would consider relocating here


4 out of 5 metro Atlanta residents moved here from somewhere else

Community is the bedrock that underpins our success.

For decades, we have shown the world that the spirit and passion of this region is unlike any other.

We have demonstrated that this is a place where people come together and find something to believe in. A place where our residents’ hometown pride is exceeded only by their ambition for its future. And in 2023, that ambition is paying off.