ATL Unlocked

ATL Unlocked is a partnership between MAC and the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to create access for creators, innovators and entrepreneurs so they can thrive.  ATL Unlocked connects entrepreneurs with innovation centers and entrepreneurs across the region to increase knowledge and access. 

ATL Unlocked Tour

The ATL Unlocked Tour allows all to discover and experience centers across metro Atlanta’s innovation ecosystem. Through individually produced events, each “stop” showcases the distinct offerings and community the center has to offer — building familiarity and mutual trust along the way. As each center is unlocked, so too is Atlanta’s potential as a region to be the most inclusive global innovation hub where innovators, creators and founders can thrive.

2024 Schedule

January 24 2024

Atlanta Tech Park

April 11 2024

Tech Alpharetta

July 2024


Making Connections

The Atlanta region is a center of cultural diversity, an educational hotbed, global corporate center and entrepreneurial innovation hub. Scattered across the metro area, accelerators and innovation centers are giving space, community and resources to more innovators, creators and entrepreneurs than ever. Imagine if we were to connect our innovation community and take down the boundaries between them? Instead of seeing each innovation center as a destination, we would see them as hubs within a greater entrepreneurial and innovation community.