2019 Budget - Education Edition

March 6, 2018

The 2019 budget is being currently being negotiated between the state legislature and Governor Nathan Deal. Here is what's on the table for out 1.7 million students.

K-12 Schools: 

1. A small increase in the overall K-12 budget, almost all of which is going to offset payments due to the Teacher Retirement System.

2. $Funding cuts for math and science teachers and school nurses – around $1.7 million total

3. $120 million for changes in enrollment and routine adjustments to teacher salaries

4. An increase in funding for State Charter Schools of just under $10 million

5. An increase in equalization grants of almost $30 million – this is used to offset districts who are significantly impacted by low property tax income

6. A $.1.8 million increase for the REACH scholarship program, mostly for expansion. REACH is a combined scholarship between the state and local school districts to offer scholarships to students for post-secondary education

7. $34.4 million for increased dual enrollment participants – high school students who are taking college-level courses for credit

8. A new leadership academy for principals that will start at about one and a half million dollars per year

9. $4.3 million increase for student mental health services, a priority for the Governor and some members of the General Assembly

Higher Education

Notable increases for higher education includes $1 million budget for marketing of the Technical College System of Georgia. This is a much needed boost to highlight the training and workforce development opportunities available to Georgias. Also in the budget for higher education – a four-and-a-half million increase for the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center which will expand over a dozen positions for this growing sector. 

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