Metro Atlanta Rankings

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Metro Atlanta Rankings

Metro Atlanta ranks highly in a number of areas. Below are highlights and comprehensive lists of publications that have ranked metro Atlanta in categories such as technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, jobs and workforce, quality of life, tourism, hospitality and recreation, people, infrastructure and higher education. 

How Atlanta Ranks in 2018: Highlights

Ranking Source Date
#1 Moving Destination in the Nation Penske January 22, 2018
#1 City for Availability of Internships (tie) WalletHub May 22, 2018
#1 City to Live and Work as a Filmmaker January 16, 2018
#1 Most Affordable Big City WalletHub April 8, 2018
#1 U.S. City for Startups That Is Not New York or San Francisco May 21, 2018
#1 City for Major League Soccer Attendance (Atlanta United) June 16, 2018
#1 World’s Busiest Airport Airports Council International April 9, 2018
#1 City for Gaming Environment WalletHub June 7, 2018
#1 City Where African-Americans Are Doing the Best Economically (tie) Forbes January 15, 2018
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