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March 12, 2020

Urging Support of Legislation to Help Deploy Rural Broadband

One of the biggest issues facing rural Georgia is access to broadband. The internet is increasingly critical to business, entertainment, education, and health care networks. Therefore, access to reliable high speed internet is a necessity for economic development projects, attracting and retaining talent, and overall quality of life.

Legislation is needed from the Georgia General Assembly to deploy broadband to more Georgia communities. One key to more deployment is adopting an affordable price structure for attaching equipment to utility poles. We believe the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Cable Rate formula is the best option. If adopted, the broadband expansion that will follow will generate a minimum of $70 million in annual economic benefits to rural Georgia.

The Georgia General Assembly currently has under consideration two bills that will help move this issue forward for our region and state: House Bill 244 and Senate Bill 411. We encouraged a vote in support of these bills.

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