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December 17, 2015

U.S. Chamber Foundation Releases 2016 Education Report

Continuing its annual Leaders & Laggards Report tradition, the U.S. Chamber Foundation this year partnered with the N.A.A.C.P. for a special edition of the report focusing on achievement by African-American students. The national report had some unique and eye-opening indicators:

"...only 18% of African-American fourth graders were found to be proficient in reading and only 19% scored proficient in math. The eighth-grade numbers are even more disheartening, with just 16% of African-American students rated proficient in reading and an abysmal 13% rated proficient in math. Of those who go on to postsecondary education, nearly 40% of students in 4-year colleges and a whopping 67% of students in two-year colleges need to take remedial classes."

Particular to Georgia, African-American student achievement has seen little progress with lower-than-national graduation averages and low 8th-grade reading proficiency. Georgia students slightly outperformed national averages in the percentage of African-American students taking an AP exam and the percentage of students passing an AP exam.

For the full report with links to each state, and the ability to see Georgia students compared to national averages, click here.



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