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January 11, 2016

Teacher Pay and Retention A Major Focus For 2016


With the opening of the 2016 Georgia Legislative Season, there are a number of education proposals likely to come before the state lawmakers. Near the top of legislator's, and voter's, agendas is teacher pay and performance.

A recent survey of Georgia educators shows that many teachers do not recommend their field for future workers. This presents an issue that legislators will be tackling as part of an overall education reform package.  The recommendations were put forth by the Governor's Education Reform Commission which wrapped up its work in December of 2015.

Dr. Knapp, chair of the Commission, is aware of concerns regarding teacher compensation and addressed them in a recent article. Dr. Knapp also reiterated that the Commission's proposal is a set of recommendations. The Governor and legislature will ultimately determine which, if any, proposals will be considered for action.

A recent AJC poll also finds that most voters do not approve of using merit, or "performance-based", pay for teachers. The Metro Atlanta Chamber remains committed to long-term advancement for public education, and will continue to engage on behalf of our members on education issues.

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