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June 15, 2022

Spotlight on Talent: Guild Partnership With Spelman College Yields Big Advantages For Employers

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Spelman College's online training unit, eSpelman, has partnered with training connector and specialists Guild Education to offer an array of services that help employers upskill employees with valuable certificates that can layer over time to open career pathways for employees

On Tuesday, June 14th, the Metro Atlanta Chamber hosted Matthew Daniel from Guild Education and Dr. Tiffany Watson from Spelman College to talk about the partnership, share some data, and discuss the value and return that these partnerships can bring to employers who are looking to expand their talent pool and provide meaningful career pathways for their employees. Click here to watch the webinar. 

We learned that this layering of credentials is not only valuable to increasing employee skills, but increases retention of employees at their respective companies. With the examples and data cited in the webinar above, Guild and Spelman are showing a unique solution to employers who are both struggling with attraction and retention and who are looking to expand diverse career pathways within their companies. 

For more information about Guild, click here.

To learn how Spelman and Guild's partnership works, click here. 

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