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July 12, 2021

Q2 2021 Workforce Snapshot


Unsurprisingly, the job market and the workforce space look quite different from this time last year as the economy continues to recover from the pandemic. In Q2 of 2020, the world was shutting down as COVID-19 spread and in Q2 of 2021 recovery is well under way. Q2 2021 saw an 82% increase in jobs posted in metro Atlanta, compared to a 59% increase nationwide (Source: Burning Glass, Labor Insight, 2021). 

Like the changes between the first quarter of this year and last, job postings for tractor-trailer drivers were in the highest demand. Demand in healthcare related occupations has increased for many positions, with notable exceptions of physicians, intensive care nurses and respiratory therapists, which have declined slightly.

Nine of the top ten occupations in Q2 grew from Q1 by an average of 31%. The outlier, registered nurses, had a 11% decline in postings. The highest growth occupations were Customer Service Representatives, Laborers/Warehouse Workers, and Restaurant/Food Service Managers, which echoes much of what we have heard from employers around the region.


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