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March 19, 2021

Metro Atlanta Chamber Statement on Election Bills

The following statement from the Metro Atlanta Chamber on elections bills under consideration by the Georgia General Assembly can be attributed to Katie Kirkpatrick, President & CEO of the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

“The moment election reform became a topic this legislative session, our business community engaged. Over the past several weeks, we have had a series of discussions with legislative leadership and other members of the General Assembly to discuss proposed election legislation, and we continue to advocate for positive change.

“The bills under consideration impact a range of election related issues. We have prioritized addressing absentee voting, drop boxes, weekend voting and voter ID laws. We will continue to work with legislators to take steps that maximize voter participation, remove obstacles and maintain election integrity. 

 “Like many in our community, our interest in these issues began long ago and reflects our collective belief that every eligible Georgia voter — regardless of background or political views — should engage in the voting process.

“We will continue to use our voices to keep accessibility, convenience and security at the center of any discussions about changes to our election process.”

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