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May 10, 2016

MAC's Williams talks TSPLOST with WABE

Discussions are ramping up about potential transportation spending as the City of Atlanta and Fulton County work to meet an impending deadline to get the issue on the ballot this November.  A new law enacted by the Georgia legislature allows cities and the county to put the issue to voters through referenda and in order to do so they must identify a list of projects by the end of the month.

Residents are weighing in, voicing their opinions on how they think the transportation funding should be spent.  The options range from roads to transit to sidewalks and bike paths.

Dave Williams, MAC's vice president for infrastructure and government affairs, spoke with WABE's Molly Samuel this week, offering a broad vision for transportation in the region.

“I think we have to be multi-dimensional,” said Dave Williams, vice president for infrastructure and government affairs for the Metro Atlanta Chamber. “Our economy depends on having multiple choices and options. Not only for our residents, but for visitors.”

Williams said public transit and improvements for pedestrians and cyclists are all important – for visitors, for current residents and for attracting future residents, especially those coveted millennials.

"They are not necessarily interested in owning cars and having long commute," said Williams. "If we're going to compete favorably for those workers, we have to provide those options that they're looking for."

Samuel's full report can be found here.

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