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November 4, 2015

MAC Policy Chief Addresses Water Issues With Atlanta Business Chronicle

MAC Chief Policy Officer and environmental expert Katie Kirkpatrick is featured in two recent Atlanta Business Chronicle articles highlighting the Metro region's water wars.  At issue is a more than 4,200 page report issued by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the federal agency that controls how water rights are shared in the region.

Kirkpatrick states "The Corps’ proposal appears to have granted additional water supply to metro Atlanta...This, coupled with our increased water efficiency, would help ensure our region has adequate long-term water supplies"

The Army Corps proposal is expected to undergo a standard 60 day public comment period. Given the size of the report, more time actually may be needed for interested parties to fully vet the Corps' recommendations.

To read the Atlanta Business Chronicle article in its entirety, click here (subscription required)

Army Corps of Engineers Report

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