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February 28, 2018

House & Senate Transit Legislation Moves Forward


Today, on legislative day 28 both the House and the Senate passed their own versions of transit governance and funding legislation. House Transportation Chairman Kevin Tanner and Senate Transportation Chairman Brandon Beach spearheaded the issue in their respective committees. 

Chairman Tanner's proposal reconstitutes GRTA into a 13 county governance board with broad responsibilities over regional transit planning and funding. It creates two funding streams, a one percent tax at Atlanta's airport and a 50 cent per ride fee on ride sharing, taxis, and limos. The bill also gives counties the option for a 30-year TSPLOST under certain conditions. 

The Senate version creates a transit comission within GRTA that will coordinate regional transit planning, funding, and operations. It also enables counties to call for a 30-year TSPLOST in some circumstances. 

Both bills require that property of the new transit entity be branded with the "ATL" name and logo. 

As both bills have now crossed over by wide margins, they will continue through the legislative process in the opposite chamber. 

We also expect substantial funding for transit in the FY2019 General Appropriations Budget. 

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