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May 3, 2018

HB 930 Transit Bill Signed by Governor Deal


Governor Deal signed HB 930 into law today, which will provide for historic opportunities for counties to fund generational transit expansion. The bill creates the Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (the ATL) which will be responsible for regional transit planning. 

“The initiatives set forth in this legislation will supplement our efforts to build an effective transportation network for the 13 counties covered by the ATL and provide new options to get Georgians to their places of employment, community activities and homes to spend time with family more quickly and efficiently. I appreciate the General Assembly’s leadership, especially the hard work by Speaker Ralston and Lt. Gov. Cagle, for making this bipartisan legislation possible. I also appreciate the commitment and dedication shown by Rep. Tanner and Sen. Beach, the authors of this legislation, in working to improve transportation options for millions of Georgians,” Governor Deal stated in his press release.

We would like to say a special thanks to Transportation chairmen Kevin Tanner and Brandon Beach for their hard work this session as well as the leadership of Speaker Ralston. 

Read a full summary of the bill here and read the Governor's press release here.

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