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July 1, 2019

Financial Literacy for Students Gets Celebrity Investments

Financial Literacy 2019

Will Smith, NAS and a host of other celebrities are jumping on the Financial Literacy vibe by introducing a well-funded app, called STEP, to teach these vital skills. 

Adding to the appetite for content, the Metro Atlanta Chamber recently hosted a discussion on Financial Literacy in K-12 schools with a focus on a new game created via partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting, the Georgia Council on Economic Education and Blackhall Studios. The game uses the movie industry and a budgeting process to teach basic financial skills while allowing students (and adults!) to explore their more creative side. 

The game, Lights! Camera! Budget!, is part of a large suite of tools for teachers, parents and students that is offered at no charge from Georgia Public Broadcasting. To view the compelte set of games, tools and event Virtual Reality experiences, check out GPB's Education division



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