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August 29, 2018

Down Ticket Race Important for Economic Development

The Public Service Commission regulates investor-owned utilities and helps ensure reliable and affordable service for customers in the electric, gas and telecom markets. On November 6, 2018, two of the five commission seats are up for election or re-election. Sadly, they are probably the least recognized organization in the State for the impact they have on economic development. For the electricity sector, the Commission makes the complex decisions on the nature and magnitude of investments to ensure our State has the robust energy infrastructure we need to attract industry.  


Day to day reliability and affordability are very important to customers and economic development prospects. But they also want to be assured the State’s utilities are making the needed investments to ensure long-term reliability and affordability. The same philosophy applies to their approach on natural gas. The Public Service Commission evaluates and approves programs to cost-effectively expand natural gas pipeline infrastructure in the State. 


Georgia’s Public Service Commissioners typically come from business backgrounds so they have a strong appreciation for the importance of competitive rates – especially for energy intensive businesses. They believe in a diversified approach to meeting the energy needs of our consumers including nuclear, coal, natural gas, renewables and energy efficiency. Unlike what we see in other peer states, they believe a balanced energy policy is in the best long term interests of our State. And the results speak for themselves:

  •          Electricity rates for Georgia Power approximately 14% below the national average
  •          High levels of customer satisfaction
  •          Investments for the future including the Vogtle nuclear expansion and renewable energy such as solar
  •          Cleaner environment due to reduced emissions from power generation, even while electricity usage has increased


With its demonstrated importance for economic development efforts, it is important to learn more about the candidates for District 3 and District 5. To learn more, please visit

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