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January 7, 2016

Businesses join forces to ensure Georgia remains open, inclusive

A coalition of Georgia businesses today launched an effort to maintain the state's standing as an attractive location to do business while ensuring it remains an inclusive place to live, work and play.  Georgia Prospers counts more than 100 corporate and small businesses among its ranks.  Signers, as their called, have committed to "promoting an attractive, prosperous, and economically vibrant Georgia."

The new Georgia Prospers website highlights Georgia's ranking as the number 1 state in which to do business as well as its general business climate and warm southern hospitality as unique brand attributes.

It also notes that in order to retain and attract a diverse and exceptional workforce, Georgia must continue to roll out the welcome mat to everyone, "regardless of one’s age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. individuals based on their sexual orientation."

Former Senate Majority Leader Ronnie Chance is heading the coalition whose mantra is "A United Georgia is a Prosperous Georgia."

“Georgia’s economy is expanding, and with our commitment to an excellent business climate, we are poised for tremendous growth," he said.  "When Georgia businesses prosper, Georgia families prosper, so we all have a stake in bolstering the image of our state and existing businesses to attract the diverse, skilled workforce that is crucial to future success.”

Georgia Prospers' launch comes just days before the 2016 Georgia legislative session is set to convene.  Several religious freedom bills are pending before lawmakers and business leaders have been advocating for the inclusion of anti-discrimination language within the legislation.

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