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June 20, 2018

ATL Tour: College Edition


On Wednesday, May 23, the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC) hosted a group of students from the University of Syracuse as part of their Discover Atlanta program. This program gave 14 students from the College of Arts & Sciences the opportunity to meet with industry leaders and alumni from a variety of Atlanta-based companies.

During their visit at MAC, the students learned about upcoming initiatives from the Atlanta Sports Council, Public Policy, Economic Development, Brand Communications, and ChooseATL.

The ATL Tour: College Edition is led by Jenny Jang, senior project manager of Public Policy, and Alexis Everett, marketing manager for ChooseATL. Together, the duo focuses on investing in the next generation of talent with hopes that they will ultimately choose Atlanta as the perfect place to launch their career post-grad.

After the presentation, the team asked the Syracuse students to describe their first impression of Atlanta. John Carlos Merced said, “Atlanta is just a great city overall. I love the diversity and the young culture I’ve been seeing since I’ve been here.”

In a similar tune, Aaron Kassman shared that “somebody said Atlanta is like the New York City of the South, but I don’t think that’s true. New York is too busy for its own good. Atlanta is more laid back, but just as professional. There’s a sense of fun here but there’s also a strong sense of culture.”

Upon returning to Syracuse, the students sent messages of gratitude to the MAC team. The ATL Tour: College Edition will continue to welcome college and university groups throughout the year. If your company is interested in hosting a student group, please reach out to Jenny Jang at

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