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June 4, 2020

ATL Authority Approves Gwinnett Amendment


Last week, the ATL Authority unanimously adopted changes to the ATL Regional Transit Plan (ARTP), the region’s long-term transit blueprint. The ARTP changes only impacted Gwinnett County and were made at the request of Gwinnett County Commission, after extensive public involvement and analysis. This amendment was an important step toward putting Gwinnett transit funding and expansion on the ballot in November 2020.

Gwinnett’s proposed project list included 99 projects that would cost an estimated $6.7 billion if all were to be built. The county likely won’t build all 99 projects, because Gwinnett leaders still haven’t decided whether they want to expand heavy rail into Gwinnett.

The proposed project list included an expansion of the MARTA Gold line from Doraville up to the Gwinnett Place Mall — considered an aspirational part of the plan — but also offers enhanced bus-based alternatives in case leaders decide not to move forward with MARTA at all.

The ARTP can be accessed here.

An overview of Gwinnett’s long-term transit plan can be accessed here.

Gwinnett’s list of project amendments to the ARTP can be accessed here.

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