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July 25, 2016

Appointees named to state data security study committee

Like private enterprise, state and local governments are relying more and more upon technology to conduct business transactions and to meet customer service demands.  With the growth of IT systems across the state, lawmakers have become increasingly concerned about privacy issues and the risks associated with potential data breaches.  To this end, the state Senate has created a study committee to review how the state is approaching security including resources dedicated to protecting taxpayer information.  Members of the newly formed Data Security and Privacy Senate Study Committee will also discuss public policy implications associated with protecting personal information.

Study Committee Members:

Sen. Bruce Thompson (R - White), Chairman Sen. Jack Hill (R - Reidsville) Sen. Brandon Beach (R - Alpharetta) Sen. Mike Dugan (R - Carrollton)

Citizen Appointments: Mr. Calvin Rhodes - CIO, State of GA Mr. Bobby Laurine - CIO, University System of Georgia Mr. Chris Klaus - Kaneva, LLC LTC David Allen - CIO, GA National Guard

As committee meetings get underway, information can be found here.


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