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October 8, 2020

2020 Atlanta E3 Awards Winner Spotlight: Genuine Parts Company


Genuine Parts Company, a Fortune 500 based in Atlanta, is a secret giant in sustainability. Genuine Parts works year over year to improve supply chain and logistics for their company, boosting mileage and efficiency of fleet management in service of their over 3,600 stores across the world. The company partners with neighboring businesses to co-ship stock to remove trucks from the roads.


In 2018, Genuine Parts reduced their total emissions by 6% and increased global sales by 15%. The company also recycled 20 tons of tires, over 3,500 gallons of oil and more than 7,800 pounds of cardboard and scrap.


Additionally, Genuine Part’s sustainability work is not limited to fleet and supply chain. They are also working to make their facilities more efficient. Lighting retrofits and HVAC programs resulted in energy reduction equating to more than 56 million pounds of CO2 offsets. Recycling programs are constantly increasing the volume of recycled material and the amount diverted from landfills to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of over 20,000 metric tons of CO2.


See their latest sustainability report here.

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