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January 18, 2017

2017 Session: Budgets, Committees, and Calendar


Lawmakers and state government agencies are working this week on the 2018 Fiscal Year and the Amended 2017 budgets.  Governor Deal kicked off the two day long review process.  He was followed by agency heads who detailed their program priorities and funding requests. Legislators addressed many housekeeping issues last week.  The House and Senate each announced committee chairman and assignments for the biennial 2017-2018 sessions.  The Governor also announced his floor leaders for this term. The legislative calendar is set through Day 12.  After this week's break for appropriations hearings, the chambers will reconvene on Monday, January 23 and begin the process of moving bills through committees.  Crossover Day - the last day for a piece of legislation to move from one chamber to the other - will be on Day 28 rather than the traditional Day 30.  This will give Senators more time to review the mountain of bills that cross over from the House.  

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