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COVID-19: School Resources

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Every Student Connected To The Resources They Need

During the current Covid crisis, students and families without access to necessary resources are at huge risk of falling far behind. This effort, led by business investors from across the Atlanta region, marshalls monetary and human resources to address gaps in technology and connectivity for students and convene partners who are already providing safe and effective spaces and supports. The Student Success Fund is used by metro school districts to supply computers and connect internet services for distance learning and related resources. There are also links below for specific regional partners who are providing much-needed resources for students and their families. Please consider a donation to their efforts. 

Connecting Students & Families To The Internet

Current estimates indicate that the number of metro-area students without any device for distance learning is at least 17,000, and the number of students without a device of their own (they are sharing a device) may be as high as 85,000. Additionally, thousands of families do not have access to the internet beyond their phones. These disparaties make learning during Covid crisis extremely challenging for tens of thousands of families. 

Connecting Resources for Families & Working Parents

Many families need additional resources to help their children succeed in school. Whether students need special education, tutoring resources, or a safe, clean space to attend school during the day, there are a number of regional partners who are opening their spaces for learning and providing additional services for families. 

Organizations Providing Safe Resources for Families

Additional Resource for Families from GSAN

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