Pivot Global Partners’ Cynthia Hardy Young On Relocating To Atlanta, Becoming Part Of A Diverse And Inclusive Business Community

February 12, 2018

Pivot Global Partners is named for the companies it serves – organizations at a pivot point, looking to step into the future

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Pivot Global Partners is named for the companies it serves – organizations at a pivot point, looking to step into the future. Cynthia Hardy Young, CEO and founder of Pivot Global, spearheaded the organization’s decision to move its headquarters to Atlanta.  

“We were open to a place that had a thriving and supportive business community that was collaborative. A great airport was important with infrastructure already in place that supports the type of business we do,” Young said.

“What stood out in our discussions during our listening tour with business and civic leaders in Atlanta was that they really got it when you talk about being able to do business and do good at the same time – where corporate responsibility to the community is something evident and actually happening. That also was important to us as we considered relocating to Atlanta.”

Pivot Global has its origins in New York City. Young established the company around serving customers’ unmet needs and guiding them through major shifts in their own growth and performance improvement.

Pivot Global uses its Design AgilityTM consulting method to improve operations within companies, focusing on culture, customers and operations. It offers strategy, assessments, immersive leadership workshops and implementation. Pivot Global works to sustain a company’s pivot into the future and provides a bedrock of support for innovation.

“We built the firm to address known gaps in professional services and consulting.  What was missing was a blended and proactive approach to performance improvement grounded in culture, customer and operations,” Young said.

“So imagine I am the company executive hiring various professional services, having accountability for profit and loss in a publicly-traded or private company. When I hire a consulting firm, I usually have a very specific issue I need help with. After the engagement, the challenge would then be with implementation and executing on the suggested ideas,” Young said.

With that as a basis, Pivot Global needed a new home that would support its own growth. Pivot Global worked closely with the Metro Atlanta Chamber and President and CEO Hala Moddelmog in assessing Atlanta. During that time, Pivot Global went on a listening tour in Atlanta to learn about the community. In Young’s words, Pivot Global was looking for honest feedback about the marketplace and how her organization would fit.

Those conversations revealed a clear path that Pivot Global has been executing on since.

“It was clear we needed to move our company to Atlanta, that, as an organization, we needed to ground ourselves in Atlanta as a solid corporate citizen, and we needed to understand the importance of community and giving back. We really took that to heart.  We are grateful for all of the support and sponsorship extended to us and are focused on nurturing the wonderful relationships we have formed,” Young said.

Young and Pivot Global were welcomed into the Atlanta business community. They found a metro region that values mentorship, diversity and inclusion, and the idea that doing business can mean doing good at the same time.  

“The best way to promote diversity and inclusion is to live it. So, I live what I believe. Pivot lives what it believes. It’s fundamental that all kinds of talent, perspectives and experiences will make us better and make us equipped to serve our clients today and tomorrow. That shows up when you look at our executive team. It shows up when you look at our consultants who provide our services. It shows up when you look at our suppliers. It shows up when you look at our alliance partners. And, it shows up in our outreach and collaborations like our participation in the Atlanta Friendship Initiative,” Young said.

“If we are supporting clients who have reach domestically and globally, who have culture, customer and operations needs and who themselves have diverse clients, we certainly need to have perspective and experience from every way you can imagine to be able to match up appropriately with those clients.”

The robust, collaborative and forward-looking Atlanta business community, along with the city’s strong history of civil rights and civic leadership, was the perfect place for Pivot Global.  

“It’s a unique combination where people are actually working together at the highest leadership level to make Atlanta this premier community for business, for education, for faiths of all different kinds, for all ethnicities, and for human and civil rights,” said Young.

Atlanta also provided other ingredients for a solid foundation for the company’s growth – a leading workforce and the next-generation of thought leadership combining to support talent and new leaders. Pivot Global promotes mentorship of this next generation as well.

“You’re effective as a mentor when you spend time with someone over time so that you help them see possibilities, navigate to make the right choices for their lives and create access for them. That means you’re willing to make connections and introductions and open doors.”

Cynthia Hardy Young and Pivot Global had pivoted to a new community.