Meet THEA, Atlanta’s First Streaming Service Highlighting Local Creators And Community

November 20, 2017

Meet your new favorite video network.

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Meet your new favorite video network.

THEA isn’t your typical video network. It’s a place where you can journey through engaging, inspiring work from real-life creators — whether that be documentaries or mini-series or music videos. It’s a platform, but it’s also a community for creative talent.

A play on “The A,” a popular nickname for Atlanta, THEA includes familiar Atlanta brands, such as TechStars, How Stuff Works, ReImagineATL, Serenbe and Ideas United, plus content creators such as Motion Family, Friendly Human and Blossom. New videos will be uploaded regularly, and new channel partners will continue to grow a robust catalog of content for THEA’s official launch in 2018 and beyond.

The Metro Atlanta Chamber’s 158th Annual Meeting marked the beta launch of THEA, a natural extension of the ChooseATL initiative targeting next-generation talent. THEA currently includes 15 channel partners with more than 150 videos in categories like entertainment, music, food and technology.

THEA is now available in beta on the Web, on iOS devices and on Android devices. It will launch on Roku and Apple TV over the coming months.

Download THEA now on the App Store for iOS and Android.

If you are a creator looking to join the THEA community, make your submission here.