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Backed by ATL

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When it comes to knowing your customers and key stakeholders, you can’t afford to be in the dark. Vital4’s automated AML/KYC data tools analyze more than 6,000 global watchlists to help identify subjects involved in financial crimes, terrorism, or corruption. By leveraging advanced AI, relationship extraction, and machine learning ⁠— along with customizable source lists and relevancy scores ⁠— their innovative solutions help you filter out irrelevant noise, find missed matches, and reduce false positives up to 100%

Get To Know Vital4

What are two things people need to know about your Vital4?

Vital4 is a SaaS company that uses AI and machine learning to fully automate the process of collecting and correlating tens of thousands of publicly available data feeds and then analyzes them to provide instant information of importance in relation to global compliance, due diligence and hiring.

Our real-time data search identifies people and companies of interest (or “Bad Actors”), which would place any organization at risk for money laundering, fraud, and corruption in over 200 plus countries in less than a second. 

How has being in Atlanta and being a part of the innovation and entrepreneurship community helped Vital4 succeed?

Fortunately, we are based in Atlanta, home of 13,000 technology companies, including telecom, cyber security, fintech, digital media, and a thriving mobility ecosystem. Kristin Stafford, CEO and founder of Vital4, commented, “There’s a very strong ecosystem that supports fintech and technology companies in the area. We became acquainted with the Metro Atlanta Chamber by attending and presenting at their events." We believe the organization is very supportive of women-owned technology companies. The Chamber put us on stage at events, wrote about us, and gave us opportunities to compete for grant money. In the two pitch competitions Vital4 entered, we won money.

The MAC and all of it’s amazing affiliates have lifted us up and made being a Women Owned Tech Company an admirable venture, when it could have easily gone a much different and less favorable path. Amy and Kristin are both originally from Atlanta (Kristin is a Grady baby) and so are some of the founding partners, so it is amazing to build something that could enhance our hometown. It was quite the coincidence that we built solutions that support Payment Processors and Fin-Tech, Reg-Techs alike, especially as we sit in “Transaction Alley”. West Richards of the ATPC, became a champion for VITAL4 via an introduction from Grant Wainscott and we were excited to become members of his admirable coalition. The ecosystem in Atlanta rallies around its amazing entrepreneurs and there is no city in the world we would rather be located, to scale up this wonderful company we have built, while giving back to the future of Atlanta.

What does being a part of Backed by ATL mean for the company?

Vital4 has been humbled by many amazing awards here in Atlanta and globally, but this opportunity is the one that excites and brings us the most enthusiasm.

This amazing program will help lift us up in a way that we cannot quite conceive, because the city we love is behind them and people will now know that they are one of Atlanta’s own. Vital4 will ensure that all of the amazing support we have and will receive is paid-forward to ensure we help cultivate other amazing entrepreneurs to make Atlanta their choice, while growing this business substantially to enhance our hometown job market, local economics and all the opportunities to serve that come with our success. In Atlanta, entrepreneur’s dreams come true; ours is!

What is Backed By ATL?

Backed by ATL provides customized assistance to high-potential companies to help accelerate growth and fuel economic impact across the metro Atlanta ecosystem. The initiative leverages the region's key assets to offer personalized support in areas including talent recruitment, sales and marketing, public policy, public relations, leadership development and more.  

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