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Hairbrella is a hat combining fashion and function to protect various hair styles, lengths, and textures from the rain and humidity. Founder Tracey Pickett introduced Hairbrella through a successful Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2016 and is steadily growing her company, spreading the gospel of fierce confidence no matter the forecast.

Get To Know Hairbrella

What are two things people need to know about Hairbrella? 

Hairbrella is on a mission to be the global leader in innovative products that empower our customers to conquer the world without worrying about the weather.

We are exploring opportunities in the B2B space as we’ve seen significant interest from customers in several industries including healthcare, delivery service, airline, salon/beauty, and foodservice. 
We grew 700% last year expanding to Canada, UK, and India (currently in monsoon season) in June. 

How has being in Atlanta and being a part of the innovation and entrepreneurship community helped Hairbrella succeed?

When founder Tracey Pickett left her job as a corporate attorney to start Hairbrella, she had no connections or experience to grow a consumer product brand. However, she didn’t have to go far to find everything she needed. Tracey sourced a rare fabric for the prototypes by searching textile stores and jobbers in north Atlanta, found a short-run production facility in Stone Mountain, and met an international goods trading consultant at OHub, Nathaniel Bronner of the Bronner Brother (based in Atlanta), who became her first angel investor. She met two more while having breakfast at the Gathering Spot. She sometimes wonders where Hairbrella would be had it not been for the good fortune of growing up in Atlanta.

What does being a part of Backed by ATL mean for the company?

We have seen how the resources and business-boosting aspects of Atlanta make it one of the best places in the world to grow a company.  Backed by ATL has organized and harnessed that power to provide a rare and powerful opportunity to accelerate businesses. We believe it will be a game-changer for them. 

What is Backed By ATL?

Backed by ATL provides customized assistance to high-potential companies to help accelerate growth and fuel economic impact across the metro Atlanta ecosystem. The initiative leverages the region's key assets to offer personalized support in areas including talent recruitment, sales and marketing, public policy, public relations, leadership development and more.  

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