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Goodr believes that hunger isn’t a scarcity issue. It’s a logistics issue. Even with many social programs that aim to end hunger, the current food supply chain ecosystem in the United States has failed to solve this problem which has grown into a national epidemic. Goodr believes the solution is simple: Feed more, waste less. Goodr provides a secure ledger that tracks an organization’s surplus food from pickup to donation, delivering real-time social and environmental impact reporting analytics. The Goodr model aims to provide a triple-win solution by improving an organization’s bottom line through charitable tax donations, reducing its greenhouse emissions from landfills and getting its edible surplus food to local communities in need.

Get To Know Goodr

What are two things people need to know about Goodr?  

Goodr is committed to ending hunger and reducing food waste. We see hunger as not an issue of scarcity but a matter of logistics. We solve hunger in a systematic way that creates a triple bottom line for our customers.

How has being in Atlanta and being a part of the innovation and entrepreneurship community helped Goodr succeed?

Goodr would not be here today if not for being birthed in Atlanta. Within our first year of business, we were able to earn the Atlanta Airport as a client and recover excess food from the super bowl. We have team members that went to college here including Spelman, Morehouse, Georgia State and Agnes Scott, and they have helped us build an incredible culture for success.

What does being a part of Backed by ATL mean for the company? 

Being part of Backed by ATL means we are 100% supported by the city. We are excited for the possibilities and for so many more people in Atlanta to learn about their work.

What is Backed By ATL?

Backed by ATL provides customized assistance to high-potential companies to help accelerate growth and fuel economic impact across the metro Atlanta ecosystem. The initiative leverages the region's key assets to offer personalized support in areas including talent recruitment, sales and marketing, public policy, public relations, leadership development and more.  

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