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Flock Safety

Backed by ATL

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Flock Safety built the first public safety operating system that helps neighborhoods, businesses, and law enforcement in 1000+ cities work together to eliminate crime, protect privacy, and mitigate bias. Pair devices that capture objective evidence and machine learning to create and deliver unbiased investigative leads to law enforcement. Their proprietary devices and cloud-based software reduce crime by +70%

Get To Know Flock Safety

What are two things people need to know about Flock Safety?

Flock is a public safety operating system aiming to eliminate crime. 7/10 crimes are committed with the aid of a vehicle, and most crimes that don’t get solved are plagued by lack of evidence. Our hardware and software deliver the objective lead needed to solve crime: vehicle details and a license plate.

We are committed to building and engineering our technology with ethics at the forefront. We believe that you can effectively and efficiently solve crime while protecting privacy, facilitating transparency, and mitigating bias.

How has being in Atlanta and being a part of the innovation and entrepreneurship community helped Flock Safety succeed?

While Flock Safety now protects neighborhoods in 40 states across the U.S., we are proud to be headquartered in Atlanta. Atlanta was our first market and remains one of our largest, and we have seen partners in Atlanta have enormous success using our technology (for example, Cobb County Police reported a 60% decrease in crime using our license plate readers). The majority of our employees are in Atlanta, and we rely on the city’s robust educational ecosystem to provide us with great talent.

What does being a part of Backed by ATL mean for the company?

Flock Safety is excited to join a program that helps scale the next generation of successful companies in Atlanta, following in the footsteps of growing technology companies like Salesloft and Pindrop. We are committed to continue growing and hiring in Atlanta and appreciate the resources and expertise offered by the MAC through this program.

Backed by ATL provides customized assistance to high-potential companies to help accelerate growth and fuel economic impact across the metro Atlanta ecosystem. The initiative leverages the region's key assets to offer personalized support in areas including talent recruitment, sales and marketing, public policy, public relations, leadership development and more.  

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