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brrrº is revolutionizing the fabrics we touch every day through groundbreaking cooling technology that is cool to the touch and actively reduces skin temperature. From button-down shirts to car seat covers and yoga pants, their team is relentlessly focused on developing new custom fabric technologies that improve form and function to keep consumers more comfortable than ever before.

Get To Know brrrº

What are two things people need to know about brrr°?

brrr° Founder & CEO Mary-Cathryn Kolb was inspired to start a cooling fabric innovation business after working at another successful Atlanta startup, Spanx. She saw how those little, tiny fibers could provide so much support and stretch, and began to think about what other performance functionality could be added to fabric. What if it could actually draw heat and moisture away from the skin to keep us cooler? The idea for brrr° was born.

Many of our earliest investors were in the metro Atlanta area, and we are proud that many of them continue to invest and support us.

How has being in Atlanta and being a part of the innovation and entrepreneurship community helped brrr° succeed?

We can’t imagine brrr° having grown and succeeded like this in any other city. Atlanta’s startup community is so strong, we’ve recruited amazing talent here, the airport lets us fly anywhere our customers and mill partners need us to be, and it’s a great city to do business in.

What does being a part of Backed by ATL mean for the company?

This is such a great opportunity for brrr° to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and investors, share insights, talk about how we got to where we are today, and make connections that will help us grow.

What is Backed By ATL?

Backed by ATL provides customized assistance to high-potential companies to help accelerate growth and fuel economic impact across the metro Atlanta ecosystem. The initiative leverages the region's key assets to offer personalized support in areas including talent recruitment, sales and marketing, public policy, public relations, leadership development and more.  

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