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Backed by ATL Spotlight: TruRating

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TruRating is a technology company specializing in customer experience and analytics. Its innovative feedback solution at the point of payment, whether in-store or online, enables businesses to easily track how customers feel against how much they spend, thereby understanding the consumer experience at an unprecedented level. Working with the biggest payment companies in the world, TruRating has collected over 30 million ratings for its customers, which range from the largest global retailers to local restaurants and bookshops. TruRating has offices in Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA.

FAQ: Georgina Nelson, CEO and Founder

Georgina Nelson What is your name and title?

Georgina Nelson, CEO and Founder.

How did TruRating get started?

While practicing law at Which?, the UK consumers’ association, I noticed a problem with customer feedback—less than 1% of customers were participating. Existing methods meant that responses weren’t timely and businesses couldn’t validate who was an actual customer. I thought that if we could offer a method that was super quick and easy, then businesses could get an objective view of how their customers see them. Asking one simple question at checkout on the payment device was the way to go. There, we could tie ratings to transactions and give merchants actionable insights. Since launching in the UK in 2014, we’ve expanded across the US, Canada and Australia, collecting over 30 million ratings to date.

What made you decide to start (or move) your company in Atlanta?

When we were looking to open our North American headquarters in 2016, we explored many of the major tech hubs, like Boston, New York, and Silicon Valley. We eventually landed on Atlanta for its reputation as “transaction alley” and its Fintech ecosystem. Here, we’re able to rub shoulders with the whole payments industry. While functionality motivated our decision initially, upon arrival, we found so much more than we had expected. We found a diverse, vibrant city hosting a wealth of top-tier talent. From day one, the city has been welcoming. We love the people, the Beltline and all Atlanta has to offer.

What inspires you and your team?

Those who join TeamTru all have a common goal—we want to change the world, and we work together as hard as we can to make it happen. Everyone owns part of the business and shares in its success—this level of care and dedication is what drives and inspires us.

What’s on the horizon for TruRating? 

We believe we’re the world’s most powerful, cost-effective and easy to implement customer engagement tool. In the very near future, every store, restaurant and hospitality business, no matter how big or how small, will be able to get real-time access to how their customers think and feel. We’re on the verge of making this a reality, having forged strategic partnerships across the globe. We’re lining up to make our dream come true.

What does being “Backed by ATL” mean to you?

It’s an honor to be a part of the Backed by ATL inaugural class. The chamber has included us within a wonderful group of cutting-edge companies and a knowledgeable network to help us learn and grow. For me and the team, the support of the Metro Atlanta Chamber brings a sense of pride and validation that everything we’re doing is not only backed by an esteemed group of professionals, but the city as a whole.

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