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Backed by ATL Spotlight: Springbot



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Backed by ATL Spotlight: SpringBot

Springbot enables small to medium-sized retailers to take full advantage of complex marketing data by delivering marketing automation and analytics in one dynamic platform. This platform eliminates the need for separate tools and makes the task of running and tracking multi-channel marketing campaigns simple. Springbot delivers unique, data-driven marketing recommendations that give customers the confidence to make smarter marketing decisions to help grow revenue. 

FAQ: Brooks Robinson, Co-founder and CEO

Brooks Robinson How did Springbot get started?

In 2012, I met Joe Reger and Allen Nance through the ATDC and realized we shared a passion for eCommerce, SMBs and big data. We had a front row seat to seeing the explosive growth of eCommerce on Magento and wanted to solve the problem of marketing attribution (i.e., what is working, what is not). We participated in Flashpoint to validate customer needs, and, in the process, determined we were on track but that there was an even bigger opportunity if we added predictive analytics to the equation (i.e., what is the next best marketing action to take). We set out to create a marketing automation platform that solved attribution and analytics and empowered SMB store owners to compete with larger retailers by identifying what to do next.

What made you decide to start (or move) your company in Atlanta?

Atlanta has been my home for close to 18 years, having relocated here from Boston to join the Cbeyond founding team. With resources like Georgia Tech, talent, ATDC and other technology accelerators, Atlanta is a great place for a technology business. The city also offers an extensive, supportive network of entrepreneurs, which makes for an incredible community for companies like Springbot.

What inspires you and your team?

Our customers and their stories inspire all of us. They are entrepreneurs striving to successfully build a business and career selling products they’ve created. My family owned a small business when I was growing up, so I know how essential small businesses are to the economy. There are great stories about our customers starting businesses to allow a traveling spouse to quit an intensely difficult travel job or help the environment by recycling wine bottles into light fixtures and jewelry. 

What’s on the horizon for Springbot?

Our big focus for 2018 has been Springbot Exchange, our data cooperative, which helps SMBs access new audiences and expand the reach of their existing marketing campaigns. We’re continuing to build out and release Springbot Exchange features, such as Audience Expander and Onsite Abandonment. Additionally, we’ve been working on an eBook series on the four stages of marketing maturity for SMBs. We’re about to publish the second of these eBooks, and the third is on its way!

What does being “Backed by ATL” mean to you?

We’re incredibly honored to be included in this prestigious group of companies. This recognition grants us access to key leadership, recruiting and partnership resources while we are scaling our business. We have been working both in our respective business and alongside the other companies in the program since the early days. I have a great appreciation for what it means to be recognized with them and by the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

Any additional comments you’d like to make?

We’re thrilled to be working with the incredibly talented Metro Atlanta Chamber team to further the reputation of our city as a technology and innovation hub.


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