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Backed by ATL Spotlight: Pindrop

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Voice is the interface of the future. As call centers continue to evolve, the Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly emerging and changing the way we interact with technology. This shift to voice is requiring a massive rethink about how to handle security. Pindrop is leading the way toward a quickly emerging future of secure, trusted, and convenient voice interactions. Their mission is to provide security, identity, and trust on every voice interaction. 

F.A.Q.: Vijay Balasubramaniyan, Co-Founder & CEO

What is your name and title?

Vijay Balasubramaniyan, Co-Founder & CEO

How did Pindrop get started?

I found myself frustrated by a situation in which neither I nor my bank were able to prove our identities to one another over the phone while trying to verify an international transaction.

I promised myself that I would find a better way for people to authenticate over the phone. In 2010, I completed my PhD at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where my dissertation focused on analyzing the traits of phone calls to determine their true characteristics, what would later become known as “phoneprinting.” One year later, Dr. Mustaque Ahamad, Dr. Paul Judge and I founded Pindrop with a goal to revolutionize call center security and create a vision for the future of voice.

What made you decide to start (or move) your company in Atlanta?

Dr. Mustaque Ahamad, Dr. Paul Judge and I were based in Atlanta at the time of Pindrop’s founding, having ties with the Georgia Institute of Technology and with Atlanta’s vibrant startup scene. We recruit much of our world-class engineering talent from our own backyard – Georgia Institute of Tech, the alma mater of our three co-founders. In addition, Atlanta has long been a hotbed of security and enterprise companies; combined with the booming startup scene, it’s a center for innovation and lends itself to a strong talent pool.

What inspires you and your team?

Voice is quickly emerging as the next key interface; with rapid adoption of Amazon Alexa, introduction of Google Duplex and widespread development of new voice-activated chatbots. However, with this adoption comes the threat of voice fraud from bad actors looking to capitalize on system vulnerability. Providing companies with voice security solutions that enable them to offer their customers seamless and efficient voice-powered verification options with top line security is just one reason Pindrop inspired to continue developing the latest fraud prevention and authentication solutions, and more.

What’s on the horizon for Pindrop?

Our product offerings are currently focused on voice fraud prevention and seamless voice authentication in the voice channel. We know voice is quickly moving beyond traditional call centers with chat bots, digital assistants, mobile applications and more. With this in mind, we are currently focused on leading the way toward a quickly emerging future of secure, trusted, and convenient voice interactions across those channels and more.

What does being “Backed by ATL” mean to you?

We are proud to be a part of the Atlanta community. Our leadership is heavily involved in the tech and security communities; Paul Judge is involved with the mentorship network Techstars, and we are pleased to be able to give back by recruiting locally and providing jobs to the community.

Any additional comments you’d like to make?

It’s an honor to be showcased this month for the series, and we’re always looking for great talent. To learn more about careers at Pindrop, click here.        

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