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CulturaLink partners with healthcare organizations to improve patient-centered care and create an effective, diverse workforce through services focused on diversity, inclusion and cultural competence. The company provides hundreds of healthcare providers with best-in-class consulting along with comprehensive translation and interpretation in more than 200 languages.

CulturaLink's proven approach has helped clients meet the triple aim of better health, better care and lower cost; bringing positive changes in both the employee and patient experience for our partners across the country. Their approach also delivers bottom-line impact to partner organizations.

Q&A With Yolanda Robles, Founder and President

Three things you should know about CulturaLink.

C.L.I.Q., Culturalink’s proprietary technology platform, allows clients to easily access scheduled or on-demand language services through a single pane of glass via phone, video or on-site interpretation, as well as document translation and localization services. The platform delivers all of this with unparalleled access to reporting and analytical data, which allows clients to track overall spend, system usage and engagement data through a powerful, secure and versatile platform.

Culturalink has been instrumental in helping health care organizations improve the delivery of language services and cultural awareness to multilingual and multicultural communities with the ultimate goal of providing equitable healthcare.

The company has implemented hundreds of programs nationwide in partnership with healthcare providers that bridge cultural gaps within the workforce and integrate diverse staff and customers from different cultures. 

How has being located in Atlanta contributed to CulturaLink's success?

Atlanta is a multicultural and incredibly diverse city with the world's busiest airport. This celebration of diversity is a ripe environment for talent identification and product innovation.

Atlanta has a thriving business environment with significant healthcare brands. Culturalink’s success is partially fueled by our client collaborations here in Georgia.

The City’s support for technoloy has been invaluable. From the investment community to the top tech talent pool and the innovation coming from the Georgia Tech and other major colleges and universities, Culturalink has benefitted from all that Atlanta’s technology industry has to offer.

What does being part of the Backed by ATL community mean for CulturaLink?

Being a part of the Backed by ATL community is truly an honor for the team at CulturaLink. To be publicly recognized as one of the five top mid-market companies is humbling, particularly considering the other companies sharing the stage with us. It is also an incredibly rewarding experience for the company to work with some of the city’s top consultants to plan for the next phase of CulturaLink's growth. We plan to make Atlanta proud while we share the mission of CulturaLink and strive to improve our community’s health, as well as for diverse patients nationwide. 

What is Backed by ATL?

Backed By ATL Businesses

An initiative of the Metro Atlanta Chamber, Backed by ATL provides customized assistance to a select group of scaling middle-market companies to accelerate growth and fuel economic impact across the metro Atlanta region. The initiative leverages the region’s key assets to offer personalized support in areas including talent recruitment, sales and marketing, public policy, leadership development and more. 

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