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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

NOW Corp

Backed by ATL

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NOW Corp is committed to enabling businesses to grow fearlessly. The company does this by offering an innovative payment system called NOWaccount® that enables businesses to get paid their actual revenue immediately, so they can win more business without the burden and risk of being a free bank to their business and government customers.

Q&A With Lara Hodgson, President and CEO

Three things you should know about NOW Corp.

Three things we value and make us unique are our passion for innovation, being a company founded by women entrepreneurs, and our impact on business and the economy. As a women-owned business started by entrepreneurs, we’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of scaling a business. Those experiences led us to innovate a new payment solution to solve the cash flow problems companies run into when they are scaling up. It’s very different than payment tools designed by finance “experts” who have never had to make payroll.

Most companies focus their passion on “what” they do. At NOW Corp, we are passionate about the “so what” that we do. We’re helping businesses grow up to 3x per year, no matter the industry or economic climate. NOW Corp clients have created thousands of jobs. We recently finalized our second series of bonds, a capital investment that will be magnified six-fold in transactions processed, each year. NOW Corp is a powerful economic stimulus program!

How has being located in Atlanta contributed to your company’s success?

Atlanta is like the perfect entrepreneur. The city was founded where there was no natural commercial corridor except for the end of a train line, and yet it has always pursued lofty dreams like hosting the Centennial Olympics. Atlanta has amazing assets: educational institutions like Georgia Tech, corporate leaders like The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Airlines and UPS, innovative economic development organizations and a diverse power base of leadership, to name a few. NOW Corp benefits from Atlanta’s diverse business ecosystem. Because Atlanta isn’t dominated by any one industry, we have grown by serving customers from all types of industries. Other cities anchor on one dominant industry as their “thing” but Atlanta’s strength is that it has no one “thing.”

What does being part of the Backed by ATL community mean for NOW Corp?

It’s an incredible honor to be selected to participate in Backed by ATL! We’re fortunate to leverage the collaborative partnerships that the Metro Chamber facilitates to help businesses break through the growth ceiling. It gives us access to other organizations that we wouldn’t normally have a connection with. The Metro Chamber sharing their expertise in core management skills helps us strengthen our internal expertise, too. After all, starting a business is easy, but scaling a business, that’s HARD. Participating in this program makes sense for the growth of our company and also makes sense for all the other companies that we can help break through the growth ceiling.

What is Backed by ATL?

An initiative of the Metro Atlanta Chamber, Backed by ATL provides customized assistance to a select group of scaling middle-market companies to accelerate growth and fuel economic impact across the metro Atlanta region. The initiative leverages the region’s key assets to offer personalized support in areas including talent recruitment, sales and marketing, public policy, leadership development and more.

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