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Backed by ATL Spotlight: Nolan Transportation Group (NTG)

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Nolan Transportation Group (NTG) is a dynamic company in the high growth, fast-paced freight brokerage industry providing third-party logistical services for over 8,000 customers across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.


Founder & CEO
How did NTG get started?
I received my B.S. in Business Administration from Presbyterian College while playing college football, developing the competitive spirit the business runs with today. After finding early success as a freight broker for C.H. Robinson, I left the industry and went on to manage multiple Waffle House stores. I finished my career as the top sales manager across the company, honored with the Top Waffle Award. I then went on to earn my MBA at Mercer and completed the degree with a business model focused on the freight brokerage industry. With experience and education under my belt, I was able to form the foundation for NTG.
What made you decide to build your company in Atlanta?
This is where I grew up, started a family, all while seeing so many companies take off in Atlanta. In transportation, Atlanta is a no-brainer as a main connection point to freight across the country. The Savannah Port has great advantages, and the Atlanta airport has a direct flight to almost anywhere allowing us to fly all over to visit our customers and other satellite locations.
What inspires you and your team?
Growth and culture. We work in a high-stress, 24/7 environment, so it’s all about teamwork, energy and motivation to constantly improve yourself and the company as a whole. We encourage in-office and out-of-office activities as well as open communication across all of our 12 offices. We have a lot of sports teams, costume days and team bonding activities. We value our employees and their families – sharing accomplishments, both work-related and personal in our company newsletter to reiterate the fact that no matter how fast we grow we will always stay true to our culture and the Rhino Family.  
What's on the horizon for NTG?
NTG will continue to grow and service our customers and carriers the NTG way, as we keep climbing to become a Top 5 freight brokerage.
What does being "Backed by ATL" mean to you?
Being “Backed by ATL” has given NTG the support and drive to keep pushing in our backyard. The Metro Atlanta Chamber has given us countless resources to capitalize on as well as access to industry leaders that we can learn from and develop with. From the events to the monthly meetings, we are extremely grateful for the attention this program has given us, and we’re excited to continue developing this partnership and program.  
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