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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Thriving Startups



#1 U.S. City for Startups That Is Not New York or San Francisco (Source:, 2018) 

Gaming and Esports


Gaming Environment

#1 City for Gaming Environment (Source: WalletHub, “Best Cities for Gamers,” June 5, 2019)

Rising City for Startups


Rising City

Atlanta is one of the Top Rising Cities for Start-Ups (Source: Forbes, 2018)

About I&E in Metro Atlanta

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) initiative is focused on working collaboratively to build metro Atlanta's innovation capacity - the region's ability to produce new ideas, technologies, products, and processes. Strengthening the innovation ecosystem so the elements required to translate ideas to products and grow businesses are readily accessible will ensure that metro Atlanta remains globally competitive and prospers as a region. Innovation is the most important catalyst driving regional prosperity. And it's the result of a complex interaction of inventors, entrepreneurs, companies, investors, universities, and other institutions.

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