How Games Can Teach Financial Literacy

June 21, 2019

The movie industry in metro Atlanta is partnering with schools to teach financial literacy to k-12 students. How does this work?

It starts with a great partnership between Blackhall Studios, Georgia Public Broadcasting and the Georgia Council on Economic Education. This partnership resulted in the Lights! Camera! Budget! Game hosted through Georgia Public Broadcasting. Including a wide variety of development materials for teachers, the game allows students to act as a movie producer to design, hire and film their movie all in one budget, without going over. 

On June 13th, the Metro Atlanta Chamber hosted a conversation by the three partnering organizations in a lunchtime panel hosted by John Hancock, CEO of Junior Achievement of Georgia. The panel revealed insights into the genesis of the partnership and how the reception has been among students and teachers. (Hint: It's a really fun game and both kids and adults love it) 

GPB continues to partner with other organizations to develop more tools around a variety of education topics, and all their tools are aligned to Georgia standards for education curriculum. You can view all their tools here