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Event Registration

MAX: Metro Atlanta Exchange for Workforce Solutions

Invitation to Join MAX 2022

In 2021, MAX became metro Atlanta’s premier professional membership association for workforce developers. We would be honored for you to join our association!

Join MAX today to gain access to curated workforce resources and professional development specifically for workforce developers. Join MAX to build and strengthen connections with the broader workforce ecosystem and raise awareness about the good work you are doing to serve job seekers and employers.

Member Benefits

Curated Resources: In addition to accessing the MAX Mondays weekly email and MAX website, members can post to the MAX Job Board and MAX RFP Board which is pushed out through MAX Mondays. MAX Mondays is delivered into the inboxes of hundreds of workforce developers and partners. MAX members can also lift up the work they or others do by contributing a report, study, or tool to our MAX Resource Library.

Professional Development: MAX supports our members with knowledge acquisition, skill-building, and networking opportunities through professional development programs held throughout the year. MAX members can pursue their Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) certification with the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) through their MAX membership. In addition, through our MAX Academy, members can earn credits toward their Certified Workforce Professional (CWP) certification with the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP). MAX Academy participation also counts towards recertification credits for either the CWDP or CWP certifications.

Professional Development Member Price Non-Member Price
MAX Academy (4/year) 1/2 price Full Price
MAX Minutes (12/year) Free Free
MAX Talks (4/year) $35 in-person events $60 in-person events
MAX Annual Meeting (1/year) Varies Not Open to Non-Members

Connection: As a neutral convener, MAX helps strengthen connections and foster alignment across the region's workforce ecosystem through the MAX Leadership Network, MAX Data Council and MAX Provider Council. These groups are open to members only.  In addition, the MAX Annual Meeting is a signature event that brings all of our MAX members together.

Awareness: A key goal for MAX is to increase awareness and visibility of workforce development system assets and opportunities. One of the ways we do this is through our MAX Provider Portal where workforce partners can learn who is doing what, where, and for whom. MAX members can also share their insights through our MAX Member Spotlights or by serving as a guest writer for our MAX Blog which is prominently featured on our website. In addition, MAX members can share and receive early alerts on workforce partnership opportunities made possible through fellow MAX members.

And last but not least, becoming a MAX member opens up opportunities to more actively engage with a strong and dynamic network of workforce professionals who stand ready to provide peer-to-peer support while working jointly with you in addressing the workforce development needs of our communities.

Membership Tier Organizational Budget Annual Dues
1 < $1,000,000 $150
2 $1,000,001 to $9,999,999 $275
3 > $10,000,000 $495

Anchor Investors

MAX is especially grateful to our Anchor Investors for their ongoing support. Click here to see our Anchor Investors. For questions regarding becoming an Anchor Investor, please contact Rob LeBeau (

Ready to Join?

For questions regarding MAX membership, please contact Joy Wilkins ( 

Event Details

  • December 31, 2022


  • 11:00 PM - 11:30 PM

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