Childcare Policy Resources from US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

April 4, 2018

The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation has added more information and resources for employers and other advocates of Childcare Reform.

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For Childcare Reform, Working Parents Look to Employers

Access to high-quality education and childcare is a mechanism for strengthening the workforce of today, of tomorrow, and the local economy.
The business community has a unique opportunity to lead the way in implementing family policies that support their employees and make economic sense for the business' bottom line…

1 in 3 working parents have missed work due to lack of access to childcare over the past year and they overwhelmingly agree they'd be more likely to invest in a company that invests in childcare.

The Metro Atlanta Chamber is proud to partner with the US Chamber Foundaiton in this work for access to quality, affordable childcare. The Foundation is partnering with local and state chambers in hosting a series of events that focus on this important workforce and education initiative. MAC hosted this event last year in October, and there are more upcoming events to be found by visiting the US Chamber Foundation's Upcoming Events page.