Can Georgia's Students Go Back to School This Fall?

May 4, 2020

Plans are currently being drafted by our local school districts; AEI weighs in on best policies.

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) unveiled a new report around school reopening policies given the ongoing COVID crisis. 

Together with a task force of accomplished educational leaders—including former state chiefs, superintendents, federal education officials, and charter school network leaders—this report sketches a framework that can help state policymakers, education and community leaders, and federal officials plan appropriately for reopening

As our school districts in Georgia begin planning for some semblance of returning to a new normal schedule this fall, AEI brings up many great points for school leaders to consider. 

What will it take to get schools ready for this fall, amid enormous uncertainty? The path to reopen­ing must be based on the public health frameworks guiding the gradual relaxation of the intensive social distancing measures adopted this spring. Any con­sideration about reopening must consider the wide variability of circumstances states, communities, and schools confront.1 Depending on the public health sit­uation, there may be waves of stopping and starting, partial or staggered openings, or other developments (determined by local health facilities, population vulnerability, and more).2 These decisions will require robust community engagement to yield both coher­ent planning and community support.

Download the full report by clicking here…